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Hi! I’m Sammi. I am a Mother, partner, and multi-passionate creative human. 

I studied Environmental, Soil and Water Sciences at university. I thought that creativity wasn't for me as a scientist, but I’ve always been an interdisciplinarian at heart. 


I am a gatherer of people and things, a cook, a writer, a singer, a mender, a walker (and recent couch to 5k runner!), cold water dipper, and tiny apartment dweller. 


I am here to be with you on the path to living a creative and fulfilling life.


In previous lives, I worked as an insect trap collector on organic farms, a vintage clothing seller, a pop-up cafe owner, a barista, a community gardener, and a food and farming educator.


I currently live in an unbelievably charming village on the Fife coast in Scotland.

A few extra tidbits about me...

  • I can’t live without my iron skillet and comal and become irrationally annoyed when my only option to cook with is a scratched-up Teflon pan (shudder).

  • I’ve moved around a lot in the past ten years, from my hometown in Arkansas to Scotland, to Wales and back to Scotland. I know what it feels like to be the new kid in town.

  • I’ve worked through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron twice and I’m evangelical about the power it gives us all to live a spiritual and creative life.

  • I loved singing in choirs as a kid but lost the confidence to sing out loud until I had a baby and began singing to her. I’m now a proud member of the Botanics Choir at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

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